details about Alessandro Gritti - Enduro Legends

This book tells the story of the great off-road motorcycling champion
Alessandro "Franco" Gritti, FIM Enduro Legend,
who at the age of 69 years has participated in the
ISDE2016 in Navarra completing it.

"When you encounter him before a race he seems to be going for a stroll

and not off to win a world championship.
We called him by many names: Franco, for his friends,
"Alexander the Great", "The Master", "il Vecio" (the old one)...

He is not only one of the world's best riders in the history of motorcycle

racing in off-road, but also among the longest - lived,
appointed an Enduro Legend in 2013 by the FIM,
the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme.

Racing since 1965, today he still accepts all the challenges in his path:

he arrives, gets on his bike, wins or does not win and returns home.
He is reserved but welcomes chatting with his friends and fans.
He is still thrilling when he launches into the special stages.

This book recounts his career with images and a few words

- that of a champion who has always favoured the facts
over the stories and who has not yet decided when
to hang up his helmet in the workshop.
Certainly not as long as he continues to have fun.

And to entertain us."

160 pages
Hard cover + dust jacket
More than 250 photos b/w and colour most not previously published
Italian text with full English translation by side.

the book is available here

book price is 45 EUR (plus postage)